How Home Theater Systems Have Advanced

how home theater systems have advance

With the advancement of technology and change in time, the home theaters are modified. The modified home theater is the one designed out of innovative technologies. The effective advancement of the home theater has led to the rapid increase in its demand.  Besides, these home theaters are the best source of entertainment. The commercial audio video systems lake Norman NC ensures an impressive experience of the playing program. However, the effectiveness of the home theater is determined by its installation procedure. A quality installation of these home theaters ensures smooth functioning of the entertainment source without any failure.  An appropriate setup of the home theater enables quality visualization and sound effects of the entertaining program. The home theater installation Charlotte NC provides the best theater experience. The installation procedure of the skilled professional here are amazing. The installation services rendered here has been the best. It has effectually catered to the needs and wants of the individuals. Moreover, the home theater installation Denver NC is no way the less. It is designed out of basic principles which add charm and effectiveness to the entire installation techniques. The custom-designed installation services here ensure easy installation of home theaters even in a small surrounding.

The best home theater installation Charlotte NC has been one amongst the most appreciable services. The home theater installation here enables the individual to enjoy the true essence of watching a movie. The customized installation approach here is hundred percent effective and tends to provide the best home theater experience to the individuals. The positioning of the home theater is based upon the commercial audio video systems design North Carolina. The entire set up is based upon the kind and configuration of the home theater. On the other hand, the appropriate positioning of the home theater after the thorough analysis of the surrounding is what makes the installation services here unique. To be more specific, the installation services here are apart from others. These services resemble the consistent efforts of the skillful labors. The best thing about the home theater installation here is the effective handling of the home theater. Apart from all the above, the unique installation service here is something that will make you proud of your choice. The skillful installation here has facilitated a huge crowd of individuals and similarly will benefit you.



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Get The Best Audio System For Your Home

Audio System

In any given movie or any game or any music background, the audio has a major part. The audio should be clear so that one can understand what the video trying to say is. When one is planning to buy an audio system one should make sure that the audio is clear. Dolby Atmos is the new and most advanced method used to produce the sound. It can play the sound from a different level of intensity. Nowadays many of the theaters have installed Dolby Atmos. This system was first available with the home theater system.

Home Audio System Lake Norman NC Dolby Atmos has five speakers three in front and one in the back left and one in the back right with the centre channel handling the most dialogue and music and effect being assigned to other speakers. According to the experts, interactive interiors have the best commercial audio video installation in North Carolina who gives the best sound system for your home.

Comprehensive Ceiling Installation

The complete ceiling installation is the best home audio system. To get the best effect of the Dolby Atmos system in your home is to install the system directly to your entertainment room. By installing the speaker in some key locations, particularly in the ceiling, you can have full audio depth from different channels as you choose. By this, you can also get the best sound effect.

This system offers the highest level of quality and also has the best quality of audio sound. This is also the most expensive system also it requires some physical changes at your home. In this system, even a minor problem can lead to the major problem to the system.

Utilizing the Upward Firing Speakers

If you do not want to change the setting of your room, then you can install these speakers from which you do not have to change anything and also get the same effect to your room. In this, the speaker fires upwards and allows them to create three-dimensional listening experiences from any location of the room. This is one of the cheapest systems because you have to invest a single piece of equipment and does not have to change your room position as well. According to the experts, it is said that Home Automation Company in Charlotte NC is one of the best company. Utilizing the upward firing speakers is the best speakers for a Commercial audio video installation.

Set Up an Atmos-Enabled Sound System

home automation

Rather than investing in different speakers in different location consider installing the speakers in one place.  This method is also one of the cheapest as it requires you to invest in a single piece of equipment and does have to change anything in your room and give you the same sound effect. Home Automation Company in Charlotte NC has the best atmos enables the sound system. According to the expert’s interactive interiors is the best home automation company.

These are different types of the audio system which can give your house a different look and help you to get the best sound quality.


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Get An Amazing Interior with Interactive Interiors

Home video installation Charlotte gives you an amazing collection of digital interiors with an amazing price. We also have commercial audio video installation.

Make Your Home Attractive With These Easy Steps:

Furniture: as time passes the kids of the family grow up and go to other cities to study. Eventually, members do less down in our house. Probably you would think to do a bit modification to your house and replace the unwanted furniture’s. The large sofas which were meant for your kid and all of their friends as now they are not there you can change the some two, three or four comfortable seats. Keep in mind when you choose your furniture the main thing to note is your comfort.

Television: in the early 20th century there was a time when we had big fat TV’s which consumed a lot of space and those days the TV’s where also black and white and also heavy in Weight. Now we have slim LED TV’s which is light in weight with high definition channels. And also it can be attached to the wall so that the TV does not consume extra space. They are also light in weight and thin, and it has a wide screen. Nowadays we have a lot of offer are up in the market we can easily go give the old TV and buy a new TV with an exchange offer.

Decoration: now that you have a lot of space in your house you can add a few art pictures to your walls.  Change your home atmosphere from primarily being a kid to something which can be enjoyed by you and your adult friend.

New movies: now that you have made necessary changes to your house try to spend some time with yourself as well. Hopefully, you might have got bored of seeing old movies again and again so now take some good cable connection and improve your taste as we had a number of good movies realized.

Sound system: when we grow old we always have a problem with hearing. As now you have changed a lot of thing in your home time to change the music system as well. The best system available today in the market is 7.i music system in which you can hear with the high-quality definition. Adding this amazing music system to your home theatre may go a long way in term of making a sensible effect on your ears.


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Smart Home Automation Installation Experts in Denver

Some of us just so crazy about movies and TV shows; if that sounds like you, then you are at the right place! Nothing can be better than a home theater for those who love watching not only movies, but shows, matches a lot more. With surround sounds, big screens and vibrant picture quality, you are going to fall in love with this new experience. Here is a brief walkthrough to you getting one for your home as well! But who will help you through the process, Interactive Interiors for sure!

home automation in denver

The first thing you need to do is get a high-quality projector. If you want to watch every precise detail of the movie then a 4K projector is the way to go. Choosing the right kind of screen to project on is also essential. For instance, black or grey screens allow a greater degree of clarity than plain white ones. The reason being the greater contrast produced. Another addition to you home theater is a surround sound system. Without an impressive sound system, the home theater just might lose its entire feel. A wireless sound system is a perfect solution for that. It is an effective system if you don’t wish to deal with heavy installation procedures and still enjoy your movies and shows.

How Home Theater Systems Have Advanced

Lastly, you will require some sort of assistance in setting up all the equipment to enhance your viewing experience at home. Interactive Interiors, based in North Carolina, is a perfect destination for this! Their home theater installation charlotte nc is definitely going to ease the process of setting up the home theater for you. With everything being taken care of by their team, you can relax and rejoice in the whole new experience of movies, shows, matches or anything that might please you.


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SpotCam inside and out for your home

When it comes to home surveillance cams there are two kinds of cams – low-end, highly-motorized, wireless IP cams that are (typically) fairly insecure and higher-end cloud service systems like Dropcam that offer secure but more expensive cameras. SpotCam seems to land squarely in the middle with their SpotCam Sense Pro line.

Who are these cameras for? Well, first they’re for the price-conscious. If you know you’ll be buying a few of these to install around the house the $200 SpotCam is about as much as the aforementioned Dropcam but if you want extended recording from the Nest product that costs $10 a month, adding quite a bit to your final bill.


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Some of our designer and architect friends



1.Schrader Design is a Charlotte based architecture firm that was established in 1999. Our office is located in the original 1920’s Packard Automobile showroom, a preserved historical structure that was sensitively transformed into a creative work environment for us to dream, collaborate, and craft the architecture of our clients. Check them out here.

2.Laura Casey Interiorsis a full service interior design firm, working with clients from the conceptual phase through installation. LCI collaborates with architects, contractors, and trade vendors on both new builds and large scale renovations, (including kitchen and bath). Clients are presented with architectural drawings, 3-D renderings and specifications for interior construction. Design schemes include custom millwork, furniture and window treatments. A complete project is the direct result of meticulous planning, attention to detail, and a high level of client service. Get more on them here and see their blog here.

3.Mermans Architecture & Design (MArchD) strives to create a design-centered architectural practice, which treats each project as a unique opportunity, to provide clients something inspiring, new, innovative, and timeless. Even though architecture has been our primary focus , we have always had interest and have been involved with other design crafts, such as furniture, landscape, and interiors. MArchD has developed a collaborative team of designers, to provide a wide breadth of design services to fit the clients needs. View their Facebook here.


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In the News: Wounded U.S. Airman gets Voice-Controlled ELAN Smart Home

EntertainmentThanks to the robust capabilities of the ELAN Entertainment & Control System, Core Brands and the Gary Sinise Foundation’s RISE (Restoring Independence, Supporting Empowerment) program recently presented a smart home to a wounded U.S. airman who lost three limbs in Iraq in 2004. The new home in Miramar Beach, FL combines the advanced ELAN system with Amazon’s Alexa voice-recognition technology to empower senior airman Brian Kolfage to control his home’s lights, security, HVAC, audio, and video through voice commands.
This voice control greatly increases Kolfage’s independence at home and is helping him enjoy daily life with his family, according to integration expert Jason Stanley at Tampa, FL-based AAMI. “It’s truly awe inspiring to witness the strength and perseverance of our nation’s bravest citizens,” Stanley said. “The team at AAMI is grateful to have donated our time and expertise to this project, and to help provide senior airman Kolfage with as much self sufficiency as possible in his home. One of the greatest feats of modern technology is to raise the standard of living for people with decreased mobility and injuries, and there’s no one more deserving of that technology than wounded veterans.”
Read the full story here.
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Understand How a Smart Home Skill Works

An Alexa smart home ecosystem contains the following:

  • Customer:  The person interacting with the Alexa-enabled device and owner of cloud-enabled devices
  • The Smart Home Skill API:  A service that understands the voice commands and converts them to directives (JSON messages) that are sent to smart home skills
  •  AWS Lambda:  A compute service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that hosts the smart home skill code, which is called a skill adapter
  • Smart home skill: Code and configuration that interpret directives and send messages to a device cloud
  • Device cloud: The cloud environment provided by a device vendor that controls and manages the customer’s cloud-enabled devices

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Relax and entertain in a home that is more comfortable and inviting. Be eco-conscious with smart lighting, indoors and out. And be reassured—while at home or away—that things are safe and sound. With one touch, dim the lights, play music, turn up the heat, lock the doors and arm the security system. Or, have your house respond to your schedule and needs without touching anything at all.

Get started in a home of any size, scale, or scope—from a brand new loft to a 100-year-old mansion. Begin with a few smart door locks, a remote to unify your family room entertainment, a thermostat, and smart lighting in just the rooms where it makes the most sense. Or automate it all—from top to bottom, indoors and out—with additional control of the pool, security cameras, and front gate. Wherever you wish to start, we’ve got you covered.

There are many smart devices available today—TVs, thermostats, door locks, light bulbs, and so much more. Sure, these devices operate just fine on their own, but the true magic is when they are joined together and played in orchestration. Control4 manages nearly 10,000 devices through one, intuitive system that is easy to use—whether you’re 9 or 99.

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Make your bathroom more enjoyable

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Curabitur aliquet quam id dui posuere blandit. Vivamus magna justo, lacinia eget consectetur sed, convallis at tellus. Cras ultricies ligula sed magna dictum porta. Curabitur aliquet quam id dui posuere blandit. Proin eget tortor risus. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed porttitor lectus nibh. Vivamus suscipit tortor eget felis porttitor volutpat. Donec rutrum congue leo eget malesuada.

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